Garbage Cans and Dumpsters

Garbage cans are just plain nasty! A dirty garbage can attracts flies, rodents, pests and contains numerous bacteria that are harmful to our health and environment, and lets face it...THEY JUST STINK! Quit holding your breath when you are taking out your trash or walking past that dumpster. Get your can cleaned, sanitized and deodorized for just $25! Have more than 1 can? We will discount additional cans at the same residence! Have a dumpster? give us a call for a free, no hassle estimate on that too.


We come to you on your scheduled garbage day! Our state of the art equipment is fully automated to lift your garbage can over a hopper that contains a grey water tank. A high pressure, 360 degree rotating nozzle pumps out water at around 200F. It runs for about 1 minute cleaning every part of your garbage can, while fully cleaning with environmentaly friendly chemicals and hot water. We take the mess with us! Only leaving you with a clean, fresh smelling garbage can! CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO SCHEDULE YOUR CLEANING!